Winery in Grana

Places choose people. The earth launches a call that only the most sensitive souls know how to pick it up. Like Emanuela and Giovanni Novello from whom the Ruchè hills have stolen their heart.

A place of choice, as they usually define it, between the municipalities of Montemagno and Grana where the Prediomagno winery took shape.

It all began with the purchase of a property including a late nineteenth-century villa from which you can admire the Castle of Montemagno. It was then the entrepreneurial experience of Emanuela and Giovanni that gave shape to the winery, based on the same values: competence, technology, innovation and a vocation for excellence.

The Ruchè grape is the main protagonist: in the 25 hectares of property, 40% is in fact dedicated to the cultivation of this grape with mysterious origins but with a unique character. To this, we add Grignolino, Barbera, Chardonnay, Pinot and Sauvignon.

Sustainability is not a fashion but a real approach to life and production, always right with the earth, for the benefit of this and the next generations.

Wine is the purest expression of the terroir. In the cellar, Giovanni shared with the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, an original and innovative oenological style but respectful of the characteristics of the places.

Prediomagno wines bring with them the purity and character of the terroir, thanks to a necessary transition from peasant viticulture to advanced enology.

Likewise, the Villa has been restored preserving what history has created, including the late 19th century barrel cellar. Prediomagno is thus present and future in respect of what has been.




The tasting in the cellar is free.

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