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La Miraja

Holiday farm in Castagnole Monferrato

La Miraja is the result of the passion and commitment of a family, the Gatti family, today represented by Eugenio Gatti, an oenologist who inherited the love for Monferrato wine from his uncle, also an oenologist.

Historical research has confirmed the presence of the family as winemakers already at the end of the 1700s. Since then seven generations have followed one another who have worked the land of Castagnole Monferrato with care and dedication, producing typical wines of the area such as Grignolino and Barbera. Eugenio was the first, tho, to bring Ruchè to the center of production, making it the company’s flagship wine, sensing the uniqueness of this native vine, which blends perfectly with the clayey and sandy soil of Monferrato.

The Ruchè La Miraja is slightly aromatic, of great finesse, body and taste. The Ruchè reserve was also recently created, aged 24 months in wooden barrels.

Ruchè, as well as the Barbera and Grignolino, go perfectly with the typical Piedmontese and Monferrato dishes, an experience that can be tried inside the farmhouse, an integral part of the La Miraja project.

Eugenio’s grandmother often offered to cook for the big weddings organized in the family’s countryside, memories that inspired Eugenio by leading him to open the farmhouse, where it is possible to taste the wines of the cellar and enjoy the most traditional and genuine dishes, all surrounded by a classic environment with high frescoed ceilings, welcomed by a family that has made tradition its destiny.




Guided tour of the company from the reception area of the grapes to the tasting in a complete circular path full of information, up to the dining room.


The consumer will be welcomed into the company to be guided in a tasting lunch, consisting of: appetizers, first course, dessert and paired with 1 glass of Ruchè and 1 glass of other wine of your choice.


During the experience, the guest will have the opportunity to deepen every detail related to the territory and its peculiarities together with the characteristics of the main winemaking methods. A dedicated menu will underline the characteristics of the wines and pairings.


This visit, with a special tasting lunch at the farmhouse, gives the guest a first encounter with the reality and the territory in which it develops, deepening the historical and geographical connotation of this winery with specific insights.

Reservation required.

€30 per person

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