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Tenuta Margherita

Vacation home in Portacomaro

An idea, a talent and a space. Three ingredients that gave shape to a project and a dream. Its name is Tenuta Margherita. It is a historic farmhouse in Monferrato, in Portacomaro d’Asti, yesterday a private home, today an accommodation facility used as a holiday home and location for events.

Tenuta Margherita bears the name of the one who, last, lived in the farmhouse surrounded by more than 15.000mq of land. An oasis of silence, charm and relaxation among the winding Piedmont hills.

The ancient structure dating back to 1905 has undergone a major redevelopment based on respect for the earth and the future of the next generations. Here, solar panels, induction hobs and a heat pump have given Tenuta Margherita a new sustainable life.

Inside, you are greeted by a pleasant balance between contemporary and classic, where modern furniture coexists with frescoes, ancient doors and brick vaults, creating, in their heterogeneity, a harmony that translates into comfort and peace for guests. At Tenuta Margherita you can breathe the inebriating scents of lavender, jasmine, white roses and birch trees that surround the structure. In addition to the sense of smell, the sight is satisfied by a frame of colored pastels. The swimming pool completes the experience at Tenuta Margherita so as to involve all the senses.

A few kilometers from the farmhouse, you can choose from numerous activities, mostly outdoor, such as horse riding or trekking on foot or by e-bike. To discover and experience the nature of Monferrato and the lands of Ruchè, where simplicity and history inhabit every corner.



Tenuta Margherita is open for overnight stays, private events and experiences in contact with the territory.

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