Cantina Sociale di Castagnole Monferrato

Winery in Castagnole Monferrato

One of the most important associations in the area was founded in Castagnole Monferrato, a town with a great winemaking tradition: the Cantina Sociale (social cellar).

Founded in 1954 by the will of over two hundred highly qualified winemakers, the Cantina Sociale di Castagnole Monferrato owns and directly manages all the vineyards, produces different types of wine, typical of the area. The main product is Ruchè.

Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato is a very warm, aromatic, pleasant, soft red wine that goes perfectly with aged cheeses and tasty and important main courses such as those of the Piedmontese and Monferrato tradition.

Ruchè differs from Barbera for its reduced acidity and from Grignolino for the absence of harshness.

The Cantina Sociale has also created a more noble line, the Selezione Terre dei Roggeri, obtained by working exclusively with particularly fine grapes from vines such as Ruchè, Barbera and Grignolino.

The company has aimed at the avant-garde over the years, increasingly refining the techniques of winemaking and production, reaching the present day with products of the highest quality.

The Cantina Sociale is open all year round and inside you can taste the typical Monferrato wines, aware of being in a place where almost seventy years ago over two hundred local winemakers decided to join forces and land for one goal common: making high quality wines that tell the surprising Monferrato territory, with its traditions and unique and unforgettable landscapes.



The Cantina Sociale is always open and available to introduce Ruchè to curious passing visitors.

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