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Arost e Buyì

Butcher shop in Portacomaro

Piedmont is a region rich in gastronomic excellences, which, if looked after in their best version, offer memorable sensations and emotions for those who taste them.

When Mauro decided to open his butcher’s shop he knew it well and he bet everything on the Piedmontese breed, meat with inimitable quality and refinement. In fact, it is said to be among the most valuable in the world.

Thus in 2019 he opened the Arost and Buyì butcher shop, today a reference point in Portacomaro, recognized for the high quality of its meat, not only in Monferrato.

A butcher out of passion, and not a child of art, Mauro chose to be supported by his friend and model Umberto who, on the contrary, boasts half a century of experience. This is an act of common humility among those who know how to invest in their future and in quality.

The winning choice of Arost and Buyì was to return to the supply chain, and therefore to the land. The animals are raised with respect for animal welfare and, just like grandparents did, without the use of vitamins or supplements.

The diet is based exclusively on products of the land, coming from the fields. The result is a genuine and healthy meat, which brings with it the taste of the origins. To be paired, of course, with Monferrato wines.

“Battuta al coltello” and raw sausage are the products that, among others, in the dish represent the philosophy and values ​​of Arost and Buyì.

Choosing to go back to the origins to differentiate yourself from others: from the land to the meat.




Composed of:
raw salami, cooked salami, lonzardo, sausage, bread, water and cookies.

€18 per person



Composed by:
capocollo, sausage, chicken rustichella, two ribs, bread, and cookies.

€30 per person



Composed by:
tagliata, sausage, hamburger, raw meat, bread and cookies.

€36 per person

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